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Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

November 18th, 2010 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Revisional breast surgery or breast augmentation redo, is one of the most common procedures performed after breast augmentation.  Almost 100% of women undergoing breast augmentation will require a revisional breast surgery during some point in their life.  This may take the form of replacement due to breast contraction or hardening, deflation or slow leakage; mound position of the breast implant or a change in shape of the breast after pregnancy.


The art of revisional surgery requires much breast surgery experience since this is a corrective procedure.  Due to the amount of scarred tissue that is present and the issues that require revision breast surgery, choosing a surgeon initially with great experience and confidence is critical.


Breast revisional surgery may entail; excision of scarring and replacement of implants which may be with larger or smaller implants.  Or it may be replacing the implants and doing a Mastoplasty or breast lift to reposition the skin and tissue or possibly to remove the implant with the leakage of silicone and replacement of the implant.  Regardless of which issue exists, a customized surgical plan must be created to accomplish the goals that you may have.  Dr. Delgado has over twenty years of experience working with breasts performing breast surgery.  This takes the form of breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.  Dr. Delgado has many photographs to share regarding these procedures. You may view more by going to his website at