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On the Horizon: Botox Gel for Treatment of Crow’s Feet

October 11th, 2011 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual meeting this September, were the promising results of ongoing clinical trials for the treatment of crow’s feet. Botulinum toxin gel, referred to at this time as RT001 is a topical gel to be applied only in a doctor’s office. It will not be available over the counter for home use as it is a drug. The gel will penetrate the skin and cause the muscles to relax thereby reducing wrinkles.

This is a very exciting development for the patient that wants the benefit of Botox but has previously shied away due to the use of needles. The application of the gel will be painless, and without bruising, as sometimes an injection can cause. 

So far over 500 patients have been tested in eleven different trials with successful results. Still in clinical trials and not yet approved by the FDA, phase 11 testing is being finished and phase 111 must be completed before it goes to market. As reported in an article in the Cosmetic Surgery Times, the results seem to last as long as the injectible version.

Botox has an interesting history for different applications besides wrinkle reduction. It has been used for treatment of chronic migraines, profuse sweating, muscle spasms and more. We will keep you informed of any new developments and especially when the gel will be available