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Fat Injections, the Panacea of the Facelift?

September 27th, 2010 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Fat Injections used in conjunction with the facelift…..

A new topic in cosmetic surgery is “Facial Volumization”. This procedure utilizes a patient’s own fat to add fullness. We have realized over the years that facial aging is a loss of volume and fat in the face. Therefore, to rejuvenate the face it is not just a matter of lifting skin due to gravitational change, but it also involves restoring the fullness of the face. This greatly enhances the youthfulness of the facial appearance and for some unknown reason it greatly enhances the texture and quality of the skin. Dr. Delgado has done this technique for over eight years and follows the Sydney Coleman technique of fat injection which entails a complex preparatory process of the fat.

For some patient’s, fat injections alone may be all that is needed for rejuvenation. But for most facelift patients, the addition of fat injections may give the optimal result. The fat helps fill in deep creases that can only be softened with a facelift, such as the nasal labial fold (crease from corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth). This crease can add years to a patients look, and while a facelift will make a great improvement, some people have such deep lines there that it is not possible to “pull” enough to make a dramatic change without the patient ending up with an unnatural look. Having a “pulled” look is unacceptable to Dr. Delgado, and he has found the “Facial Volumization Procedure” has been a great solution for many of his patients. You may wonder where the fat comes from, almost everyone has a donor site where the fat can be taken and never missed. This area would be unique to each patient, when you consult with Dr. Delgado he can show you what would be best for you, if you are a candidate for this procedure. A common area is the tummy. Many patients are thrilled with the reduction of a small amount of fat in the belly and some opt to have even more than needed removed.

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