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Vitamins Speed Healing

December 14th, 2012 Miguel A. Delgado Jr, MD

Getting San Francisco patients back to normal life as quickly and safely as possible after cosmetic plastic  surgery, has always been a goal of Dr. Delgado’s. In observing patients for many years, Dr. Delgado noted that his patients that followed his advice in taking high quality vitamin supplements healed faster and had less discomfort than those who did not.

It then became a high priority for Dr. Delgado to find the best available product to recommend to his patients. After extensive research, he discovered that his patients who took VitaMedica healed the best after cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as; liposuction, breast surgery, facelift, tummy tuck, and gynecomastia.

VitaMedica offers many high quality products; Dr. Delgado found their “Surgery Program” exceeded his expectations. It is difficult to find a good multi-vitamin that does not contain any vitamin E, vitamin E acts as a blood thinner and can be dangerous during surgery. VitaMedica superior multi- vitamin “Clinical Support” both for AM and PM does not contain any vitamin E and contains extra vitamin C which aids in healing. VitaMedica Surgery Program includes both the Clinical Support for AM and PM along with Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin which reduces inflammation and bruising.

Due to the exceptional healing results that Dr. Delgado noted in his post-operative patients, he includes the VitaMedica Surgery Program for all his surgery patients.

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